We have opened a new call, aiming to support innovators spotted in the Innovation Radar tool by the European Commission. It will be opened until the 15th of October and we expect innovators to join in.

There are many reasons why you should apply. First, we have put in place a number of services totally free for you. It is our aim to facilitate the road to the market to those results funded via R&D programmes that have difficulties to materialize into a commercial venture.

So far we are working with around 100 innovators already from all over Europe. They are all different in kind and nature, having in common that they have built something significant thanks to the support of the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Framework Programmes. We closely work with SMEs, start-ups, research institutions, universities, and even NGOs. We would like to see how EU science hits the market and we need you to make it happen.

What about the services? The full list of our offer is here, please have a look. You will see that you can be rewarded with office space, tickets to your favorite event, free revisions for your SME Instrument, access to a myriad of mentors or the time of a consultant who can guide you in preparing an initial skeleton for a business plan. We work with both SMEs and research institutions, always understanding that different organizations count with different needs.

And talking about the needs… some of our start-ups are already looking for investors. Would you like to have a look at our portfolio? Promotion as a Service we call it, but it is also about connecting with VCs and Business Angels.

In a nutshell, our call is open. Apply here by the 15th of October. Do not miss out on this great opportunity.

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