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The European Commission has launched a competition to identify Europe’s top future innovators. The public is invited to vote for their favourite among 50 nominees who have been developing innovations through EU-funded projects. The finalists come from every corner of Europe, from SMEs, universities and start-ups and are delivering a diverse set of scientific and technological breakthroughs.

It is not strange to hear opposing views to the subsidy policies by the European Union. Research and innovation are one of the cornerstones in terms of investment in the EU. Billions of euros are invested in research projects and initiatives which are considered of high risk and questions but those who don’t think research is worth a public investment.

To state truth, the Innovation Radar prize is one of those things that give a wide visibility to the work of researchers and scientific staff. Top innovations spotted by the Innovation Radar tool are now asking for your support in an online voting phase. The Innovation Radar is the very same tool, our project IRSUS, is using to spot top innovators receiving our services.

The innovators are divided across five different categories: Best Young SME, Best Early Stage Innovation, Industrial & Enabling Tech, Tech for Society and Excellent Science. The most voted innovators on each category will participate in a pitch contest during the ICT Vienna 2018. The pitch is scheduled for the 5th of December from 14PM to 18PM.

Now it’s our chance to see outstanding innovations addressing all types of sectors. Last year winners were LeanXcale (part of IRSUS portofolio and recently announcing a €2M round),  CATEC (global winner), BLUMORPHO in partnership with CEA LETI, the Portuguese SME PLUX (part of IRSUS service too), amphiro a spin-off company from ETH Zurich, and the University College Cork.

Promotion of Science and Technology is now as easy as voting in the contest. Hurry up. Online voting ends on the 19th.

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