Climate change, energy policy and achieving compliance through cloud-based energy management.

At Wattics we believe that climate change can be tackled with powerful cloud-based software intelligence that helps energy consultants, service companies, utilities and renewables globally to accelerate the energy transformation and the adoption of energy efficiency measures.

Our vision is that in the near future energy-saving strategies and decisions will be made with minimal human intervention and with seamless access to any utility data, renewables, metering systems, environmental and business data.

Wattics has developed an international network of fast-growing, leading energy professional firms that take ownership of a white-labelled energy management platform to create strategies and present the software as their own to their customers.

Wattics Cloud Energy Analytics are based on four main pillars to allow:

  • Interoperability with any weather station, metering systems, solar panels, utility data
  • Compliance through analytics to tackle energy directives and regulations in over 50 countries
  • Composition of any energy metric for tracking performance, business operations, sustainability strategies
  • Machine learning to automate the discovery of wastage patterns, data correlations and real-time performance tracking.

Through the help of some European R&D projects including VIMSEN, ExcEED and CharGED, Wattics has developed a set of unique machine learning analytics to greatly help energy professionals discover energy-saving opportunities automatically, track abnormal patterns, managing energy-efficiency programs and achieving certifications such as ISO50001, ASHRAE and LEED.

Are you an energy professional? Book a free demo at to see how we help companies just like yours.

Are you a potential investor? We are a passionate international team based in Dublin working in a fast-growing company that has doubled SaaS revenue each of the last three years. We are now seeking investment to expand our customer support, customer success team, marketing and engineering team. Get in touch with us to explore the opportunity with us.

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