CEO Danny Weissberg is an engineer-turned-serial entrepreneur involved previously in Israeli startups with successful exits including Radvision, Mercury, and Checkpoint. CTO Stas Tomkin, PhD (Machine Learning) is a speech technology and signal processing expert, with expertise in the academic and industrial fields of speech technology.
Sara A Smolley, VP Strategy, combines experience in international business and social technologies. Core team combines deep expertise in machine learning, signal processing, speech recognition, speech science, linguistics, and international business. Graduates from top universities: Technion and Weizmann Institute (Israel), and Columbia University.

Voiceitt’s Israel-based team has developed automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology designed to recognize non-standard speech patterns, enabling people with mild to very severe speech impairments to access mainstream voice-activated smart assistants (e.g. Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.), and to communicate and be understood by voice.

The first version of Voiceitt’s AI-driven technology (now in Beta) is language-independent with a limited vocabulary. It does not require Wi-Fi during use (on-device recognition). Machine learning mechanisms enable the system to adapt as the person uses it. While there is an initial short calibration phase for users, operating the system does not require technical expertise.

The company is in the advanced stages of development and is preparing to launch two key technology offerings: (1) A hands-free mobile application that enables face-to-face verbal communication between individuals and (2) Software integration with existing operating systems, smart assistants, and smart homes, enabling accessibility to mainstream voice-driven technologies for aging adults and individuals with disabilities, thereby enhancing independence and quality of life.

Raised over $11M in funding, including equity investments by Amazon, Microsoft, and the We Company. Testing with 200+ users via partner institutions in the US, Israel and Europe. Patent protected.

Technology demo

Voiceitt-Alexa integration demo

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