Overcome the “tyranny” of pitching

Raising equity finance is often a challenge for high-tech entrepreneurs. However, a recent survey revealed that angel investors consider the presence of disruptive technologies and/or high-potential innovations as very relevant when they analyze potential investment. 

Why is attracting investors so difficult for science-based entrepreneurs and startups even if both sides have what the other is looking for?

Here are some reflections:

  • Investors are looking for high potential investment opportunities, a great technology or innovation may be not enough. Innovators must build strong business models and show a qualified and complete management team behind the project, and a right opportunity window for the technology offered if they want to attract investors.
  • Investors tend to invest in those high potential sectors, industries and technologies in which they have experience and knowledge. Overcoming this sector “affinity” requires those innovators in less common technologies to make extra efforts to communicate effectively to a broader pool of potential investors.

In addition, delivering a pitch to investors in a few minutes is the standard for startups searching for funds. The pitching contexts are as diverse as startup conferences, angel network meetings, venture capital investment forums or even a first approach by mail. Often, the more science-based is the business, the less confident the innovator feels in this context. Preparation to raise and receive equity funding is one of the business support services provided by IRSUS through Investment Readiness Trainings. The IR training helps entrepreneurs to build a sound, coherent and attractive communication package to potential investors.

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