High level industry professionals will provide intensive 1-to-1 mentoring that will have an immediate impact on how you do and think about your business, how to go forward and consolidate. By leveraging IRSUS Consortium Partners professional experience and international network, we offer Innovators the opportunity to work with leading mentors and industry experts.

Offer for the Open Call: Mentor sessions available upon request for 20 innovators. 6 sessions included per team. 


Simona Torre

DOCOMO Digital

Angel Investing, Venture Capital

Marleen Haye

DOCOMO Digital

Negotiation, International Law, Employment Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Data Protection Law, Contract management, Compliance and Legal Advice

Giovanni Fortini

DOCOMO Digital

Business Intelligence, Business Planning

Massimo Mancini

DOCOMO Digital

Financing Modelling

Pietro De Nardis

DOCOMO Digital

Angel Investor

Riccardo Fisogni

DOCOMO Digital

Start up Investor, Business Strategy Consultant

Angel investing, business planning, technology transfer, negotiating with investors

Business planning, technology transfer, technology management, relations with corporates

Software sector, growth and expansion, market assessment, business and financial planning

Financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, angel investment, VC investment, Board management

Business planning, talent management, human resources, high skilled teams, angel financing

Technology sectors, business planning, technology transfer, relations with corporates, talent acquisition

Business planning, international growth, fundraising plans

Business planning, international strategies, Asian partnerships

Luca Pira


IP, Commercial Exploitation

Tax relief in France

Tax Equity / Tax relieves in Spain, UK and Portugal


Social Innovation

Fiware, EU fundraising for SMEs and StartUps

EU fundraising for SMEs and StartUps

EU fundraising for SMEs and StartUps

Francisco de Arístegui


Alternative Financing: Crowdfunding and micro investing (not VC or Business Angels)

Gabor Vicze

innomine group

Innovation Management, Horizon 2020

Katalin Kovacs

innomine group

Innovation Management, Horizon 2020

Marcell Toth

innomine group

Innovation Management, Horizon 2020

Aniko Balogh

innomine group

E-learning, Education

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The Innovation Radar (IR) is an EC initiative focused on the identification of high potential innovations and the key innovators behind them in FP7, CIP and Horizon 2020 projects. It supports innovators by suggesting a range of targeted actions to assist them in fulfilling their potential in the market.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779990

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