Business Plan / Pitch Definition

Business Plan

An intense course for early stage start-ups and new businesses, designed to achieve success with a solid business plan and high quality Executive summary.

IRSUS provides services on preparing the business model and also the business modelling of the innovation. The services to build-up and find-tune the business plan include:

  • Strategy creation, initial assessment of the market potential, and accordingly create the appropriate strategy, which will be a base of a marketing plan later on
  • Elaborating a complex business plan for the project in align with the project strategy – attracting investors, entering a new market, developing new chain of services
  • Elaborating part of a business plan, like marketing plan or financing

The services of IRSUS target the main elements of the business plan:

  • Governance: company and product/service description, management team with competences and roles, external experts, competitive advantage, achievements so far, mission and vision, positioning, key markets and services, infrastructure
  • Market analysis: ecosystem overview, summary of needs, SWOT and PESTLE analysis
  • Offering description: key benefits, value proposition, services offered, target sectors and target customers, unique value proposition, Business Model Canvas, opportunities and risks, describe areas requiring additional resource, crucial partners, status of intellectual property
  • Sales and marketing plan: planned initiatives and actions, channels, resources and competences involved
  • Financial plan: revenue model and financial summary, cash-flow, breakeven-point analysis, description of financing opportunities,
  • Investment strategy, public financing opportunities and private investments

Pitch Definition

How to deliver the perfect business pitch: a session designed to help Innovators increasing the effectiveness of a business idea presented to third parties.  It will teach how to build a consistent and attractive pitch and how to approach the presentation, including the final Q&A session.

  • How to build an effective pitch
  • Present your ideas with confidence and passion
  • Recognize and adapt your presentational skills to the audience
  • Apply a range of confidence building techniques.

IRSUS project provides support in reviewing, renewing an already built pitch with rehearsal in case it is needed, including:

  • Vision and value proposition
  • The problem and the solution
  • Target market and opportunity
  • Revenue model or business model
  • Traction and validation/roadmap
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Team
  • Financials
  • Competition
  • Investment and use of funds

IRSUS project provides individual support for the innovators to fine-tune their speeches including its main messages and the method of giving the speech, and also help to provide support on organising online pitches.

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