Our third Open Call (and last one this year) opens on 3rd December, and we encourage all Innovation Radar innovators to join in and not miss this opportunity.

We are working with about a hundred innovators, who have applied to receive IRSUS services, but we would like to support more outstanding SMEs, start-ups, research organizations or universities, who are interested in going a step forward in the market and achieve commercial exploitation.

What do you need to do to apply?

Fill this simple form between 3-19 December, and that is it! We will check your eligibility and contact you in January to get to know more about your needs, and how the IRSUS team can assist you.

What do we offer?

We prepared a wide range of free support services for the applicants to help them in every step of the way on the road to market success. We created separate offers, one for SMEs and startups, and one for research institutes and universities, as their needs can be very different.

For SMEs and startups – just to list some of the services – we created online training webinars in various topics, such as fundraising, business pitch, UX/UI, see the full list here. Speaking of funding, we also give personalized feedback on funding proposals, personalized reports on public funding opportunities and assistance to equity crowdfunding. Courtesy of our project partners, we can offer office space upon demand in Madrid, Paris, London or Düsseldorf, and also vouchers to attend impactful events in Europe. Promotion on our website and becoming part of our Portfolio for investors is also included.

For research centers and universities, we offer tech commercialization roadmap, which covers analyzing their innovation, and providing tailored support in funding, business plan and marketing. Promotion and inclusion in our Portfolio are also part of the package we offer for these institutions.

Find here the full list of services and all the information about the call, and also check out our FAQ page if you have more questions!

For the latest news on the IRSUS Open Call, follow us on our social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, and don’t forget that application starts from 3rd December!

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