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Enabling innovators to successfully develop websites, mobile apps and browser-based software conceptually. Learning the methods, phases and processes in the design of digital products and get specific tools and guidelines for designing interactive products with an excellent user experience and building contents, structures and functionalities for websites, mobile and software applications.

Mentor: Costanza Mosi

UX/UI training presentation Lesson 1

UX/UI training presentation Lesson 2

Video recording Lesson 1

Video recording Lesson 2

A well-balanced mix of theory and practical exercises, aimed at providing awareness on how to build
an integrated income statement, a balance sheet, a cash flow model, etc. tailored to fit the different
needs and the different industries.

Financing modelling 2019

How to forecast the future performance of your company 

Presenter: Massimo Mancini

Event presentation

Video recording

Financing modelling 2018

Mentor: Massimo Mancini

Financing Modelling Lesson 1 training presentation

Financing Modelling Lesson 2 training presentation

Video recording Lesson 1

Video recording Lesson 2

Talk to an “angel in residence”

For innovators seeking to fundraise in the short-term, talking to an experienced angel might help them to advance and prepare the issues that investors might raise before “go alive” and meeting with a broad range of investors.

Private fundraising 2019

2019 May 16
How do business angels / venture capitalists 
(initially) evaluate

Presenter: Prof. Juan Luis Segurado

Event presentation

Video recording

2019 April 23
Prepare your communication strategy for VC fundraising

Presenter: Prof. Juan Luis Segurado

Event presentation

Video recording

Private fundraising 2018


  • 11/06/2018
  • 09/07/2018
  • 10/09/2018
  • 08/10/2018
  • 12/11/2018
  • 10/12/2018

How to book slot: Send your pitch to and indicate your preferred date on the schedule.

Early Stage Financing, Angels vs VCs

Private Fundraising training presentation

Video recording 2018. 06.18. 

Video recording 2018. 09. 18.

“Inspirational Talks” – WAVE Application

Online talks with entrepreneurs that have raised funds

Mentors: Manuel de la Esperanza, Luis Gelado

Video recording

“Inspirational Talks” – Oval Money

Mentor: Benedetta Arese Lucini

Video recording

“Inspirational Talks” – DNA Phone

Mentor: Alessandro Candiani

Prepare your communication strategy for fundraising

Video recording

Training presentation 2018.10.18.

Video recording 2018.10.18.

How to list

Training presentation ‘Companisto’

Training presentation ‘Mamacrowd’

Video recording ‘Companisto’

Video recording ‘Mamacrowd’


Introduction to Agile and Lean which cover several practices and frameworks including Scrum and Kanban, where we customise these so that Innovators can come away with practical skills and can apply.

Mentor: Barbara Bellini

Download AGILE training presentation

Video recording

Business Pitch

Mentor: Pietro De Nardis

For on-demand mentorship sessions please write to

Business Pitch training presentation

Video recording

Introduction of IRSUS

Presenter: Miguel Garcia

Event presentation

Video recording

Optimizing your digital assets to boost ranking and branding by Emanuele Bolognesi

Event presentation

Video recording

LeanXcale: From the lab to the market. How I left the university to start my venture and raised 2M.

Video recording

Event presentation

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