IRSUS portfolio is a collection of some of the best innovations you can find in the Innovation Radar. The portfolio includes companies developing hedge technologies in sectors of large demand and growth potential.

Being part of IRSUS portfolio is a showcase to potential investors, business angels, venture capitalists, corporate venture capitalists, and large corporates seeking innovation and is able to boost the expansion of smaller companies internationally. Through a clear snapshot of the key aspects of a company, IRSUS portfolio is a good way to reach investors.

The first batch of IRSUS portfolio companies completes with IdeXlab, Plux-Wireless Biosignals, the Floow, Set Mobile, ThinkInside, Imaginary and Cybernetica. We will be growing the portfolio to reach 50 great European innovators.

An example of them is LEANXCALE, an innovation based on a radically new approach to transactional processing, enabling it to provide transactional data consistency while scaling out to hundreds of nodes, terabytes of data and millions of transactions per second. The LeanXcale database can be applied to many use cases across many verticals to solve scalability and performance bottlenecks.

IRSUS portfolio companies receive the support of all IRSUS partners to reach investors, support to prepare the best pitch and fundraising strategy or enhance their visibility with IRSUS media services.

Do you want to be included? To profile up in IRSUS portfolio, Innovation Radar companies must respond to the IRSUS calls, join the project, and be an active user of the services.

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The Innovation Radar (IR) is an EC initiative focused on the identification of high potential innovations and the key innovators behind them in FP7, CIP and Horizon 2020 projects. It supports innovators by suggesting a range of targeted actions to assist them in fulfilling their potential in the market.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779990

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