Insights from the Second IRSUS Virtual Pitch Event

If you have ever looked for an investment, the first thing you heard of was most probably pitching. These events take place at conferences or summits where you have to personally present your idea and introduce your company. The participating investors may have interest in your business, but chances are that you are not in their target group.

The aim of the IRSUS Virtual Pitch Event is to bridge this gap between the investors’ interest and the field of companies by eliminating the geographical distance. Innovators are pre-selected for these events by concentrating on their field of work and the maturity of their company and investors are invited based on their interest. This is why the IRSUS Virtual Pitch Event is unique and more effective than other offline pitch events.

The last event was held at the 31st of October, to end the month with inspiring ideas and new contacts! Companies from the healthcare field presented their ideas, products and answered questions about the future of their ideas and plans. Let’s have a quick overview of what we seen:

Defymed develops innovative implantable medical devices that allow the delivery of therapeutics in a physiological site to improve clinical efficiency and patients’ comfort. First application of Defymed’s devices is the treatment of diabetes, an alarming worldwide epidemic. The core component of these devices consists of biocompatible, non-biodegradable and permeable membranes with specific characteristics: permeable to molecules of interest, such as insulin, and in some cases, impermeable to the host’s immune-system.

medere is an Italian innovative start-up founded enthusiastically by three biomedical engineers. Using low cost custom-made orthotics using IoT and 3D printing, they are able to create an affordable and personalized high-quality product. They are providing a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android for the customers and they are open to B2B2C cooperations as well.

umanick Identity for Health brings the total security of the biometric identification to the healthcare processes. It is a complete software suite of multi-biometric and multi-modal software that uses the most advanced biometric technologies: fingerprint, iris, and face recognition. This software easily integrates with any hospital software (HIS – Hospital Information System or EMR – Electronic Medical Record), and is able to manage large biometric databases of up to more than 100 million people.

voiceitt’s Israel-based team has developed automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology designed to recognize non-standard speech patterns, enabling people with mild to very severe speech impairments to access mainstream voice-activated smart assistants (e.g. Siri, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.), and to communicate and be understood by voice. The company is in the advanced stages of development and is preparing to launch two key technology offerings: A hands-free mobile application that enables face-to-face verbal communication between individuals and software integration with existing operating systems, smart assistants, and smart homes, enabling accessibility to mainstream voice-driven technologies for aging adults and individuals with disabilities, thereby enhancing independence and quality of life.

Thank you for bringing these innovative ideas to our event and we are looking forward for the future cooperations!

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