REHABILITY is the suite of serious games co-designed with specialists and patients post stroke, with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson disease.

A best practice connected health solution, REHABILITY allows patients to take part in rehabilitation therapy both within a specialist facility and from home with continuous remote medical support. It combines physical with cognitive exercise (simultaneously if required), and medical staff can quickly personalise the exercises for each single patient in each phase of the therapy in a very fine grained, yet simple way.

The product derives from 2 FP7 EU projects and has proven research to show that it motivates elderly people to comply with the prescribed therapy, thus supporting adherence: the research results have been published in several scientific papers.

The product is culturally neutral and multi-lingual, being able to address people from very many different countries (it is also being used in SE Asia).

For ease of use and cost reduction, particularly for use @home, REHABILITY uses off-the-shelf affordable consumer technology: it runs on PC, TV and tablet and works with several motion tracking systems.

Although already proven and stable, the product is being continuously enhanced, taking into account the suggestions and needs of customers who thereby can influence the production pipeline.

Future plans include studies for spinal injury patients, a rheumatology version and a cardiology version.

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imaginary, the producer, is looking for funding as well as for partners interesting in distributing REHABILITY together with their own solutions and services in their countries, to support global diffusion.

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